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Levinson, Ronnen M., Paul Berdahl, Hashem Akbari, William A. Miller, Ingo Joedicke, Joseph C. Reilly, Yoshi Suzuki, and Michelle Vondran. "Methods of creating solar-reflective nonwhite surfaces and their application to residential roofing materials." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 91, no. 4 (2007): 304-314.
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Anders, André. "Plasma and Ion Assistance in Physical Vapor Deposition: A Historical Perspective." In 50th Technical Annual Meeting of the Society of Vacuum Coaters., 2007.PDF icon PDF (1 MB)
Lee, Eleanor S., Robert D. Clear, Gregory J. Ward, and Luis L. Fernandes. Quick Start Guide: Commissioning and verification procedures for the automated roller shade system at The New York Times Headquarters. Berkeley, 2007.PDF icon PDF (4.13 MB)
Gustavsen, Arlid, Bjørn Petter Jelle, Dariush K. Arasteh, and Christian Kohler. State-of-the-Art Highly Insulating Window Frames - Research and Market Review In SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. Olso: INTEF Building and Infrastructure, 2007.PDF icon PDF (16.65 MB)
Gustavsen, Arlid, Christian Kohler, Arvid Dalehaug, and Dariush K. Arasteh. "Two-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics and Conduction Simulations of Heat Transfer in Horizontal Window Frames with Internal Cavities." In 2007 ASHRAE Winter Meeting. Dallas, TX, 2007.PDF icon PDF (2.38 MB)
Lee, Eleanor S., Stephen E. Selkowitz, Robert D. Clear, Dennis L. DiBartolomeo, Joseph H. Klems, Luis L. Fernandes, Gregory J. Ward, Vorapat Inkarojrit, and Mehry Yazdanian. Advancement of Electrochromic Windows., 2006.PDF icon PDF (3.04 MB)
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Lee, Eleanor S., Stephen E. Selkowitz, Robert D. Clear, Dennis L. DiBartolomeo, Joseph H. Klems, Luis L. Fernandes, Gregory J. Ward, Vorapat Inkarojrit, and Mehry Yazdanian. A Design Guide for Early-Market Electrochromic Windows., 2006.PDF icon PDF (2.07 MB)
Kiliccote, Sila, Mary Ann Piette, David S. Watson, and Glenn D. Hughes. "Dynamic Controls for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response: Framework Concepts and a New Construction Case Study in New York." In 2006 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Pacific Grove, CA, 2006.PDF icon PDF (178.26 KB)
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Maamari, Fawaz, Marilyn Andersen, Jan de Boer, William L. Carroll, Dominique Dumortier, and Phillip Greenup. Experimental Validation of Daylighting Simulation Methods for Complex Fenestration Systems., 2006.PDF icon PDF (192.81 KB)
Anders, André, Nitisak Pasaja, Sakon Sansongsiri, and Sunnie H. N. Lim. "Filtered cathodic arc deposition with ion-species-selective bias." Review of Scientific Instruments (2006).PDF icon PDF (317.89 KB)
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