Windows, Skylights and Atria - Occupants Visual/Subjective Comparison

TitleWindows, Skylights and Atria - Occupants Visual/Subjective Comparison
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsEliyahu Neeman, Stephen E Selkowitz
JournalASHRAE Transactions
Call NumberLBL-17920

Windows, skylights, and glazed atria are all used for admission of daylight into buildings. This paper concentrates on a comparison of subjective occupant attitudes and responses to these design strategies. First, the problem is defined. Then the light directional properties of the various solutions are examined and a comparison made between possible subjective/psychological responses t o these solutions. The aspects of the view outside the building, spectral distribution, the variability of daylight, and the effect of the depth of daylight penetration into the built spaces and the resultant light intensities are examined and the subjective responses are compared.It is acknowledged that there is a need for much more systematic investigation in this field to be able to establish more firm conclusions.A technical/economical comparison of these design strategies will be dealt with in a later paper.

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