The Use of Physical Scale Models for Daylighting Analysis

TitleThe Use of Physical Scale Models for Daylighting Analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsHarvey J Bryan, Alexander Lohr, R. Christophe Mathis, James Rosen
Conference Name6th National Passive Solar Conference
Date Published09/1981
Conference LocationPortland, OR
Other NumbersEEB-W-81-19

A process is described for determining the quantitative and qualitative features of a proposed daylighting design using physical scale models. The paper presents and discusses in detail several issues (i.e., modeling techniques, testing, measurement, visual analysis and photography) that must be resolved before physical scale modeling can be undertaken. Finally, a physical scale modeling case study is presented which illustrates many of the issues outlined as well as a photographic sequence of the physical scale modeling process.

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