Super-Insulated Gas-Filled Panels

TitleSuper-Insulated Gas-Filled Panels
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsDariush K Arasteh, Brent T Griffith, Stephen E Selkowitz
Date Published08/1990

This paper presents the design, material characteristics, and thermal performance of a new insulating material. Development of this material is motivated by the need for non-CFC based high performance insulations with applications for refrigerator/freezer and building walls. This super insulating gas filled panel technology achieves R-values of between 8 hr-ft2-F/Btu per inch and 15 hr-ft2-F/Btu per inch (one to two times that of CFC blown foams and two to four times that of fiberglass insulations) at estimated costs of $0.40 -$1.50/in-ft2. Prototypes have been built using commercially available materials and components, tested by the developers, and sent to an independent laboratory for independent thermal performance testing.

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