Stability and Durability of Electrochromic Switching Films for Glazings

TitleStability and Durability of Electrochromic Switching Films for Glazings
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsCarl M Lampert
Call NumberLBL-24103

Electrochromic device testing and durability is discussed in this study. This work begins with a discussionsof performance criteria for switchable glazings used in building applications. This is followed by devicesdesign of several common electrochromic device types. The types are distinguished by structure andselectrolyte type. A number of test methods are used for the analysis of electrochromic devices. Deviceslifetime and degradation covers considerable work on amorphous tungsten oxide. Some degradation andsageing modes are identified for electrochromic devices during static and cyclic testing. The degradationsmodes are film dissolution, transparent conductor etching, gas generation, humidity dependence, secondarysreactions and photoreactions. Many of these mechanisms are specific to the materials, device design, andsthe operating conditions used. Overall, future of electrochromic devices looks very promising, but there aresmany issues in this study that designers need to take into consideration for electrochromic glazings.

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