The RADIANCE Lighting Simulation and Rendering System

TitleThe RADIANCE Lighting Simulation and Rendering System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsGregory J Ward
Conference NameSIGGRAPH 94
Date Published07/1994
Conference LocationOrlando, FL
Call NumberLBL-37858

This paper describes a physically-based rendering system tailored to the demands of lighting design and architecture. The simulation uses a light-backwards ray-tracing method with extensions to efficiently solve the rendering equation under most conditions. This includes specular, diffuse and directional diffuse reflection and transmission in any combination to any level in any environment, including complicated, curved geometries. The simulation blends deterministic and stochastic ray-tracing techniques to achieve the best balance between speed and accuracy in its local and global illumination methods. Some of the more interesting techniques are outlined, with references to more detailed descriptions elsewhere. Finally, examples are given of successful applications of this free software by others.

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