Quicklite 1, A Daylighting Program for the TI-59 Calculator

TitleQuicklite 1, A Daylighting Program for the TI-59 Calculator
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsHarvey J Bryan, Robert D Clear, James Rosen, Stephen E Selkowitz
Date Published04/1981
InstitutionLawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Other NumbersW-80, EEB-W-81-01

This paper presents a set of daylighting programs that can be run on a TI-59 hand calculator. The paper gives the program listings, the step-by-step procedures for using the programs, worksheets, and a worked sample problem.The programs calculate interior horizontal illumination levels or daylight factors from a window. The user can specify the location of the calculation point, or, if a printer is available, the locations of a grid of points. Calculations can be performed for both CIE clear and overcast sky conditions.The direct sky component calculation uses Riveros approximation for window transmission. The interreflected component calculation uses a split-flux approximation.


Also published in Lighting Design and Application.

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