Preliminary survey of the solar reflectance of cool roofing materials

TitlePreliminary survey of the solar reflectance of cool roofing materials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsPaul H Berdahl, Sarah E Bretz
JournalEnergy and Buildings
Keywordscool roof, Heat Island

Air-conditioning energy savings and improved comfort in hot climates can be obtained with the use of roofing materials that reflect solar radiation. Available quantitative information on the solar reflectance of most roofing materials is insufficient, so it is difficult for building designers to choose cool materials. Here we report quantitative values of solar reflectance for a few types of materials and discuss which material properties, such as composition, roughness, purity, etc., affect the solar reflectance. Outdoor temperature measurements on materials in sunlight are used to illustrate the strong correlation of roof temperature with solar absorptance, and further, to demonstrate the effects of infrared emittance and convection.


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