Measurement of Fenestration Performance Under Realistic Conditions

TitleMeasurement of Fenestration Performance Under Realistic Conditions
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsJoseph H Klems
Conference NameWindows in Building Design and Maintenance Conference
Date Published06/1984
Conference LocationGothenburg, Sweden
Call NumberLBL-17429

The need for fenestration performance measurements under realistic conditions is noted, and the Mobile Window Thermal Test facility (MoWiTT), newly constructed at LBL to make these measurements, is described. A key feature of the MoWiTT is the direct measurement of instantaneous net energy flow in the presence of sunlight. Ongoing calibration to establish the accuracy of this facility is described, and calibration data so far obtained are presented. Estimates from these data indicate that the facility will have sufficient accuracy for most fenestration measurements of interest.

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