Free convective laminar flow within the trombe wall channel

TitleFree convective laminar flow within the trombe wall channel
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsHashem Akbari, Tom R Borgers
JournalSolar Energy
Date Published08/1978
Keywordsbuilding design, Heat Island

Free convective laminar heat transfer between the channel surfaces of the Trombe wall has been investigated. Considered in this study were the velocity profiles normal and parallel to the direction of fluid flow, the pressure drop due to flow acceleration at the channel entrance, and the effect of dissimilar but uniform channel surface temperatures for a wide range of flow rates and temperatures.A finite difference procedure was used to solve the governing equations in dimensionless form using air as the fluid. After comparison with available experimental data, results have been reduced, and several correlations developed to enable important performance characteristics to be estimated given the channel thickness, height, and surface temperatures.


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