Failure and Degradation Modes in Selected Solar Materials: A Review

TitleFailure and Degradation Modes in Selected Solar Materials: A Review
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsCarl M Lampert
Call NumberLBL-27814

It is widely known that most materials used in solar energy conversion and building energy control applications suffer from two major restrictions, the first being the cost effectiveness of the material in a particular use and the second being durability. In the solar field, cost has been a very important factor and has restricted development of more expensive but efficient materials. The issue of durable lifetime is coupled to the cost; since in many cases a more expensive material might have greater durability or operational lifetime. This investigation looks into selected solar materials and how they degrade, fail or cease to function in their specific solar application, and explores methods by which certain materials can have their operational life extended. This report documents work conducted as part of Task 10: Solar Materials RSGD of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Program.

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