Daylight Availability as a Function of Atmospheric Conditions

TitleDaylight Availability as a Function of Atmospheric Conditions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsEliyahu Neeman, Stephen E Selkowitz
Conference Name5th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation
Date Published10/1983
Conference LocationBaltimore, MD
Call NumberLBL-16425

This paper reviews the differences between thermal and daylighting considerations for building design and their implications for using illuminance and irradiance data. Old and new mathematical models for luminance distribution and illuminance calculation are explained. Overcast, clear, and average sky conditions are discussed and their dependence on atmospheric factors is examined. We focus in particular on the turbidity of the clear atmosphere and the luminance at the zenith. We conclude that more measured daylighting data are required for validating the equations that have been developed separately in various parts of the world.

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