Advanced Optical Materials for Energy Efficiency and Solar Conversion

TitleAdvanced Optical Materials for Energy Efficiency and Solar Conversion
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsCarl M Lampert
JournalSolar & Wind Technology
Call NumberLBL-14590

Materials science properties of optical materials and coatings are discussed for a broad range of solar conversion, architectural glazings and greenhouse energy efficient uses. Transparent low emittance coatings for glazings are discussed for radiative heat transfer reduction. Both interference multilayer and doped semiconductor low emittance coatings are covered. The use of Drude theory to model coatings is discussed. Discussion of various types of selective absorbers include interference multilayer, composite tandem absorbers and selective paints. Effective medium theories are used to describe composite absorbers. The basic properties of radiative cooling materials and antireflection coatings are detailed. Also, the properties of reflector malerials on glass and plastics are covered. Application of fluorescent concentrators, spectral splitting and cold mirror films are outlined. Research on transparent aerogel insulation and optical switching films for windows are introduced.

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