About Us

The Window and Envelope Materials Group undertakes a wide range of projects designed to develop and promote adoption of materials, technologies, systems and practices that can cost effectively deployed at scale in the nations new and existing building stock. Optimal envelope solutions vary widely with climate, orientation and building type so the two research teams provide a range of solutions that address both near term and longer-term industry needs. Most of the projects involve partnerships with the building industry, both in the US and globally.

Windows Projects include:

  • Development of new coatings for glass and plastic to control energy flows
  • Development of highly insulating solutions for glazings and window framing systems
  • Development of new daylighting solutions to increase savings and control glare
  • Partnerships with industry for develop integrated, smart window systems for residential and commercial applications
  • Field testing of emerging technologies in testbeds and buildings to verify performance
  • Studies on visual and thermal comfort of fenestration systems
  • Collaboration on development of rating and labeling systems for windows and window attachments
  • Creating and deploying the product simulation tools that allow manufacturers to rapidly develop new product designs to meet higher performance levels
  • Creating and deploying energy analysis tools for architects and engineers to optimize the design of commercial buildings
  • Creating web-based, decision support tools for homeowners
  • Studies to support Code changes and Energy Star requirements

Cool Surfaces projects include:

  • Development of new high performance cool surface coatings
  • Development of test methods to characterize thermal properties
  • Development of accelerated aging methods to predict long term thermal and optical properties
  • Creation of assessment tools to estimate performance and savings
  • Lab and field measurement of thermal performance
  • Assessment studies of urban heat island impacts
  • Assessment studies of global carbon impacts

Our two main research groups are: